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Criminal Lawyer Pittsburgh

At the law offices of Haller & Imbarlina, you can find an experienced, affordable criminal lawyer in Pittsburgh who can represent you with zeal and honor. The difference between an upstanding, law-abiding citizen and someone who is being charged with a crime – no matter how minor or severe the charge – is often being in the wrong place at the wrong time or something circumstantial. That is why we strongly believe in second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. The point is that even the best people can find themselves in a legal jam from time to time.

You will be pleased to discover that Haller and Imbarlina's criminal lawyers in Pittsburgh are helpful and non-judgmental. We believe that all people are entitled to a quality defense and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. We fight to protect our clients' rights from overzealous prosecutors and represent our clients' best interests at all times. Contact Haller and Imbarlina to speak with an experienced criminal lawyer in Pittsburgh. We provide free consultations:

Are You Looking for a Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney?

Here are some of the most common types of criminal defense services offered by Haller and Imbarlina:

Driving under the influence (DUI)

For first-time DUI offenders, a guilty verdict is usually a slap on the wrist, assuming that there are no aggravating circumstances in the case. Still, even a first-time offense can result in the forfeiture of your driver's license and heavy fines. Let us help you.

Drug possession or trafficking

Drug possession and trafficking violations are serious crimes in Pittsburgh, and even if you are found guilty, an experienced criminal lawyer can help you get the most leniency in your sentencing as possible. This will depend on weight, criminal history, and the nature of your conviction. 

Shoplifting, theft, or fraud

Shoplifting, theft, and fraud cases are common in Pittsburgh. The judge will also look at your background and what you are convicted of stealing or defrauding, as well as the dollar amount, to determine your punishment if you are found guilty.  

Assault and crimes of violence

In most assault cases, there are mitigating circumstances that you may not even be aware of. An experienced Pittsburgh criminal lawyer can help you present your defense in the best possible light.

Juvenile crimes

Let's face it; those of us who are adults have all taken risks in your teens that probably could have landed us in jail if we were caught. Whether it was drinking underage, shoplifting, or trying marijuana, the average person is far from a saint. The judges know this. Still, it is important to have legal representation for juvenile crimes to ensure the punishment is justified (if the minor is guilty) and that the punishment not only punishes the minor but actually helps them.

Sexual offenses

Some lawyers won't touch sex crime cases. At Haller and Imbarlina, we believe that everyone is entitled to quality legal representation and comprehensive criminal defense.  


Criminal Lawyer Pittsburgh

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Criminal Lawyer Pittsburgh

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