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Shawn Paschall at Cole Paschall Law is a highly acclaimed DWI lawyer in Fort Worth with the highest level of training, a successful track record, and unsurpassed negotiation and trial skills. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a DWI lawyer:

  • Best DUI attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas, can prevent license suspension

DUI offenders often end up having their drivers’ license revoked or suspended. A DUI lawyer can defend and support your case in front of the state department of motor vehicles and help you get your license back. They will also fight to protect your rights, lessen your charges, fines, penalties, and prevent a license revocation.

  • Fort Worth DWI lawyers can ease your mind and preserve legal evidence

It can be a lot to deal with the stress of a DUI arrest and a probable conviction. Besides, if this is your first conviction, you can feel clueless about what to expect. Working with one of our experienced drunk driving attorneys in Fort Worth, TX, can relieve some of the stress and help you cope with your fears. A DUI attorney can help you gather and compile critical chemical and observational evidence, such as results of breath samples, blood, and urine tests, and build a strong case on your behalf.

  • An attorney can save you money

The top-rated criminal defense lawyers in Fort Worth will the most proven and effective ways to handle your DUI case, ensuring that it ends in a dismissal. An experienced attorney can save time and money in a courtroom using their adeptness. Hiring an attorney is your best bet at having a shorter trial and spending less time in court.

  • An attorney can conduct a detailed case scrutiny 

Successful DWI attorneys in Ft. Worth will possess the in-depth knowledge and skill to critically assess your case and identify hidden evidence that may prove valuable to your lawsuit. If you were treated unreasonably by a cop during your arrest, a DUI lawyer can fight for your rights and make sure that you do not face incarceration.

  • DUI attorneys have a close relationship with the prosecution

The best DUI attorneys have a good relationship with the prosecution lawyers and the presiding judges in the local court. Using their close relationship with the prosecuting attorneys, a lawyer can help you get a reduced sentencing or dismiss your charges altogether. As one of the pioneer defense attorneys in Texas, Shawn Paschall has an excellent relationship with some of the prosecutors, which enables him to work and negotiate a favorable deal for his clients.

  • Access to expert witnesses

Besides interviewing the witnesses or onlookers in your case, most law firms also have their panel of expert witnesses. These witnesses use their specialized skill sets and share their opinion, helping the jury make sense of the factual evidence of your case.

Do not leave your lawsuit to chance. Call Cole Paschall Law at 817-477-4100 for a free consultation. Our DWI lawyer in Fort Worth, Shawn Paschall, can assess and evaluate your case and help you navigate through the legal system. Our analytical skills, research abilities, and investigation capabilities can help you receive reduced sentencing if not dismiss your charges. 

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