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If you or someone you love has been affected by post-concussion syndrome in Kansas City, you're in the right place. Woods Law KC is a personal injury law firm that helps people with post-concussion syndrome get the money they deserve and need for their injuries. We provide free consultations, and we'll accommodate your needs. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get the ball rolling towards justice for your family.

Why Woods Law KC Fights for Post-Concussion Victims?

Woods Law KC is a personal injury law firm for plaintiffs. We routinely represent clients who have post-concussion syndrome in Kansas City, and we've seen how it ruins peoples' lives over and over again. Post-concussion syndrome is a serious condition that we're passionate about, and it's something that sadly gets overlooked too often.

You can count on Woods Law KC to represent your post-concussion syndrome claim in KC.

What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

Post-concussion syndrome, as you probably already know, occurs after a concussion. For the most part, most concussions resolve within a period of several weeks to several months. Until there is a further impact and a subsequent concussion, which compounds the damage, the person can usually return to their normal daily life once the symptoms of the initial concussion wear off. Sadly, concussion symptoms don't always go away. In these cases, the person likely has post-concussion syndrome.

Doctors, neuropsychologists, and neurosurgeons often talk about the “Miserable Minority.” This term is applied because, as alluded to, up to 90-95% of all people who are concussed have no symptoms after several weeks. They make a full recovery. On the other hand, the Miserable Minority is the 3-5% of people who suffer concussions and go on to have symptoms for the rest of their lives.

What are the Symptoms of a Concussion?

The various symptoms of concussion, like photophobia (sensitivity to light), headaches, imbalance, ringing in the ears or tinnitus, and nausea; can go on permanently for people in this unfortunate minority. When this happens, there is very little that can be done for them.

Learning to Cope with Post-Concussion Syndrome

Individuals who suffer from permanent concussion symptoms can learn coping skills, such as taking notes if they have memory loss, spending more time in darkened rooms to avoid light, and find medication to deal with their headaches on an ongoing basis. But there is no cure.

A Lawyer for Post-Concussion Syndrome in Kansas City

If you or your loved one has had a concussion, regardless of how minor it may seem at the time, you should be in touch with Woods Law KC. We can help! We will monitor your care and treatment, make sure that you are treated properly by the insurance company, and see that your symptoms are closely monitored by your healthcare providers. And of course, we will make sure that you are fully and justly compensated for the effects of your concussion and for any post-concussion syndrome that results.

We'll Represent You in Court

In most accident cases resulting in Post-Concussion Syndrome, the first offer made by the insurance company is not sizable enough to cover medical bills and future needs of the victim. For this reason, we highly recommend hiring us as your law firm. We'll seek the highest allowable compensation for your injuries under MO law, holding the responsible party accountable for financial damages, pain & suffering, and other losses accrued through the accident. We can't turn back the hands of time but we can make certain you receive a fair settlement for what happened.

The Benefits of Hiring the Right Attorney

You have just one chance to take your lawsuit to court- make sure the legal team you hire has the right experience and a history of success in the courtroom. Reach out to Woods Law KC for free legal advice and a thorough case evaluation before you make your final decision on who to hire. If you haven't already, document your injuries with a doctor or healthcare facility. In Missouri, you have a limited time to seek medical help or you may have to forfeit your settlement.

No other law team brings as much determination or expertise to your case as our attorneys from Woods Law KC. If you're suffering from Post-Consussion Syndrome in Kansas City, we can recommend an excellent medical care provider iin close proximity to your home. Contact us immediately following an accident with injuries- we will make sure you receive a just settlement in or out of court.

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